Used Sails Distributed to Fishermen as Charity

Sails Ocean Sails is a renowned self-funded charity that was started in the year 2005 for redistributing some used sails Australia to people residing around Pacific for fishing. Many of them who have already received used sails from the charity have relied upon the outboard motor since World War II because they have lost their knowledge on sailing and also the traditions that go along with that.

Peter Gately is the founder of the Sails Ocean Sails charity. He said that many fishing boats get stranded by the sea coast regularly because either the petrol gets finished or the motors stopped working. In these cases, the fishermen are not able to return home and they drift for some days or even weeks. If they have a sail in hand, they have the chance to return to their village which also offers them a sense of safety and security.

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According to Expert 37m Sailing Yacht is Ghost on the Market

Sailing yacht Ghost (The 37.25-metre) is now in the market and all set to face the summer sun. The yacht was constructed in the year 2005 by Vitters, the Dutch shipyard. In 2015, the yacht went through a refit. The top characteristic of this yacht is her superstructure and lightweight carbon hull that was built by Green Marine.

The yacht has a powerful diesel engine of 491HP CAT 3196 and displacement of 110 tonnes. Ghost is quick as well as innovative. It also has Southern Spars that gives it a boost of 44.2-metre.
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Club Nautic Arenal In Palma De Mallorca Held The IM24CA Council Of The World” On 10th November 2018

The IM24CA Annual Meeting for sailing finally commenced with the special committee presiding over it in order to give their respective suggestions and inputs to the other party, the World Council. These inputs were mainly based on the amendments of the class rule. There were a total of 18 representatives and the other observers and the annual meeting which lasted for a full day also had the members of the executive committee and the other members of the technical committee. Those who could not make it offline were present through a special web – chats.

The chairman thanked all the officers based all over the world for their contributions and services that keeps Melges 24 running by reading the annual report and giving a warm welcome to all.
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Inshore Racing Started At Offshore Worlds

In opposite to the shifting winds of the past few days of light, the superb 12-17 knot southerly breeze today made for the perfect conditions for the fast and furious racing on all courses in The Hague Offshore Sailing World Championship 2018. And at around 1300 start today, Peter Anink, the Principal Race Officer informed everyone that two inshore races will take place to take advantage of the favorable conditions.


On the day, the southerly breeze joined the south-flowing flood current and this brought more pressure on the water and also created the some big waves. Thus, during the race, all teams had to be at their best and use their skills to avoid being over early at the starts as well as running into turning marks.
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New Trimaran Vessel Design

There has been a new development in the foiling technology as is showcased by the new TF10 foiling trimaran. This trimaran is designed to give sailors a feeling of flying which they should be able to experience at any skill level. The new technology is the Z-Foil technology, which combines with electronic foil control. The new trimaran can replicate the performance of a foiling boat which is designed for the America’s Cup and requires minimal power and does with less of crashes and flips.


The new sailboat that has been designed, is versatile and a 36 foot long vessel; it is easy to sail in any weather and it can pick up speed about two or three times more than the prevailing wind conditions; being lighter than wind is definitely an advantage as it can pick up a speed of 25 to 30 knots easily even in stiff breeze conditions.

This is a boat that is designed by Morrelli and Melvin which is a reputed sailing boat team based out of southern California. The team had also been behind the design of the first Multihull foiling technology, which was used by the New Zealand team in America’s Cup. The team also designed Nacra 17 which was a foiling Olympic catamaran. The design and construction of TF10 was commissioned for completion by a Newport team. The boat designers stated that the inspiration behind the design of the boat was to push the boundaries that exist in the foiling technology as of now. Hence, the new boat as well as class builds on what already exists and makes it better. DNA Performance Sailing which is a Netherlands based firm, conducted trials for sailing the boat along the Costa Brava coast of Spain which gave the necessary sea trials for the vessel.

Yacht Designer Passes Away

A prominent figure in designing racing yachts, Doug Peterson was considered a trail blazing person. He passed away at the age of 71.

There are many memorable moments captured of this iconic designer, especially of the boats he designed that helped win the America’s Cup. He was a free thinking designer and was involved in coming up with designs that were a breakthrough in the world of sailing or racing boats. He passed away on 26th June, in the city of San Diego where he resided. The reason was colon cancer, which was informed to the media by his daughter.

He had become involved in the world of racing boats from the seventies. At that time the world of yacht racing was just emerging in North America. There was a design rule that was established which opened up avenues for new boats to be designed which were affordable as well. Peterson had been a resident of San Diego and part of the yacht designing profession from the time he entered into apprenticeship with Wendell Calkins who was considered a renowned designer at that time. Indeed, Wendell was in the designing of ultra light sailing yachts that were fit for the ocean. Continue reading “Yacht Designer Passes Away”

Vendee Globe- Roura Finishes In 12th Position

Alan Roura is the youngest skipper to compete in the Vendee Globe around the world race.

He finished the race in the 12th position. Roura was happy that the race was over and he was able to make his boat touch the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne. He has had four sleepless nights for the last few days due to the light winds and the shipping in the Bay of Biscay.

Roura did not waste any time to feature in the press conference. He said that it was like a dream come true for him and he did not expect to complete the tedious Vendee Globe race. His boat is an old one and he was also new to ocean racing. He feels that finishing the race in the 12th position is a big victory for him and said that this was a victory for his team and the sponsor. Continue reading “Vendee Globe- Roura Finishes In 12th Position”

Penitentiary Turn Into Sailing school

Kingston Penitentiary that was a jail one time will now be turned into sailing school.

A local group that included John Curtis the former Olympic sailor has put forward the step and had contributed $300-million for redevelopment of Kingston Pen.

Taking the action of Curtis and others positively, a federal government of the area has been asked to make the redevelopment process faster and turn the once jail into world class sailing training institute. The jail was present on the shore of lake Ontario thus it is considered as the best location for sailing institution. Locals of that area along with some former Olympians decided to take action on the renovation of the jail into sailing school. Kingston Penitentiary was the jail for most notorious criminals of Canada.

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Women In Sailing Convention 2017

There is a sailing convention for women sailors coming up in California. It is being organized by southern California yachting association which will hold the 28th annual convention for women’s sailing. The conference would be held in February which will include women sailors who can participate in the conference at all levels.

The convention indeed will help women sailors from different countries to meet each other. They will be able to discuss the different trends and challenges they face in racing, day sailing and cruising. It would also help women sailing organizations to find out about each other on this common platform.

Women sailors need a platform to learn and the Southern California Yachting Association will offer a perfect platform for the same through the annual convention that it offers, and they’ll be discussing everything from generating more interest in the sport amongst women, to how to charter a Yacht in Split. The upcoming conference would be held on 4th February 2017. The venue for the same would be at Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club, which is located in Corona del Mar. Continue reading “Women In Sailing Convention 2017”

Guanabara Bay Water Conditions

The news of debris floating in the waters of Guanabara Bay ahead of the Rio Olympics games is nothing new. There were reports that at the time when the venue had been selected the civic authorities of the city had promised to clean up the bay area.

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