Kingston Penitentiary that was a jail one time will now be turned into sailing school.

A local group that included John Curtis the former Olympic sailor has put forward the step and had contributed $300-million for redevelopment of Kingston Pen.

Taking the action of Curtis and others positively, a federal government of the area has been asked to make the redevelopment process faster and turn the once jail into world class sailing training institute. The jail was present on the shore of lake Ontario thus it is considered as the best location for sailing institution. Locals of that area along with some former Olympians decided to take action on the renovation of the jail into sailing school. Kingston Penitentiary was the jail for most notorious criminals of Canada.

A group that is working for turnover of jail includes former Olympian John Curtis, Queen University head fundraising George Hood, former mayor of Kingston Harvey Rosen. The team has been working on an idea since 2013 and raising funds for reconstruction.

According to the proposal the north wall of jail along with a barred door at the entrance door will be removed. Inside the property two museums will be created that will document the history of the jail. In addition to that the property will also have condominiums and commercial space.

Current Mayor of Kingston Bryan Paterson said it is not like only the Cutis group has shown interest in redevelopment of jail in sailing academy. Other groups have also approached us and thus there is a pressure to work fast. There are many things present property that we have to look into. The matter will take some time to get resolved and after we will start working on the redevelopment project.

Both federal officials and municipal officials are in consultation with local citizens to have understanding of long term vision of the project.