There has been a new development in the foiling technology as is showcased by the new TF10 foiling trimaran. This trimaran is designed to give sailors a feeling of flying which they should be able to experience at any skill level. The new technology is the Z-Foil technology, which combines with electronic foil control. The new trimaran can replicate the performance of a foiling boat which is designed for the America’s Cup and requires minimal power and does with less of crashes and flips.


The new sailboat that has been designed, is versatile and a 36 foot long vessel; it is easy to sail in any weather and it can pick up speed about two or three times more than the prevailing wind conditions; being lighter than wind is definitely an advantage as it can pick up a speed of 25 to 30 knots easily even in stiff breeze conditions.

This is a boat that is designed by Morrelli and Melvin which is a reputed sailing boat team based out of southern California. The team had also been behind the design of the first Multihull foiling technology, which was used by the New Zealand team in America’s Cup. The team also designed Nacra 17 which was a foiling Olympic catamaran. The design and construction of TF10 was commissioned for completion by a Newport team. The boat designers stated that the inspiration behind the design of the boat was to push the boundaries that exist in the foiling technology as of now. Hence, the new boat as well as class builds on what already exists and makes it better. DNA Performance Sailing which is a Netherlands based firm, conducted trials for sailing the boat along the Costa Brava coast of Spain which gave the necessary sea trials for the vessel.