The news of debris floating in the waters of Guanabara Bay ahead of the Rio Olympics games is nothing new. There were reports that at the time when the venue had been selected the civic authorities of the city had promised to clean up the bay area.

As the date for the Olympics approached, there were concerns voiced as the water quality did not seem to have improved. Indeed, the civic authorities conceded that it was not possible to do a comprehensive cleanup that they had envisaged as it would require more funds and more time in hand.

There were reports of the debris floating in the waters of the bay area and that the pollution levels were pretty high. There were concerns that the floating garbage in the waters would slow down the pace of the boats. However, as the Olympics began the sailors were undeterred by these concerns.

The first day of the sailing races was held on Monday this week. Athletes were in the water and drenched as well. When they were approached to state about the condition of the waters they scoffed at the questions that were raised about the risks to their health and safety on such waters. There were studies conducted that the waters contained high levels of viruses and bacteria.

The sailors report on here that the chances of showing their physical prowess in the waters remain undeterred by such problems. Many stated that the media has exaggerated about the water conditions and that it is not as bad as it has been made to seem. Many stated that they had been in the region for long and they found the water to be fine with the tide lines in place. Similar feelings were expressed by other skippers and teams who came in before the races started.