Alan Roura is the youngest skipper to compete in the Vendee Globe around the world race.

He finished the race in the 12th position. Roura was happy that the race was over and he was able to make his boat touch the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne. He has had four sleepless nights for the last few days due to the light winds and the shipping in the Bay of Biscay.

Roura did not waste any time to feature in the press conference. He said that it was like a dream come true for him and he did not expect to complete the tedious Vendee Globe race. His boat is an old one and he was also new to ocean racing. He feels that finishing the race in the 12th position is a big victory for him and said that this was a victory for his team and the sponsor.

Roura said that he had many dull moments during the course of the race, but he decided to stay on. He said that he was happy to see a lot of people at the entrance channel. This was a great reward for him and he enjoyed every bit of this. Roura said that he had decided in his mind even before the race ended that he would be coming back and taking part in the 2020 Vendee Globe.

There is no doubt that racing on the Vendee Globe is one of the hardest and the most difficult thing to do. He said that racing for over 100 days all alone in 4 square meters of space is not a joke. Every sailor loves to be at Cape Horn and this was the most satisfying moment for him during the entire course of the race. The Atlantic was the hardest to wade through because of the trade winds.