There is a sailing convention for women sailors coming up in California. It is being organized by southern California yachting association which will hold the 28th annual convention for women’s sailing. The conference would be held in February which will include women sailors who can participate in the conference at all levels.

The convention indeed will help women sailors from different countries to meet each other. They will be able to discuss the different trends and challenges they face in racing, day sailing and cruising. It would also help women sailing organizations to find out about each other on this common platform.

Women sailors need a platform to learn and the Southern California Yachting Association will offer a perfect platform for the same through the annual convention that it offers, and they’ll be discussing everything from generating more interest in the sport amongst women, to how to charter a Yacht in Split. The upcoming conference would be held on 4th February 2017. The venue for the same would be at Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club, which is located in Corona del Mar.

The conference would be a day-long event consisting of lady participants. There would be workshops that would be on the shore as well as boat based sessions. There would be sessions for beginners as well as experts to learn about related topics on sailing. The primary sponsor of the conference has been Boat Owners Association of The United States, which has been sponsoring the event since the program was conceived.

Attendees can select from a number of workshops where top sailors would be attending as well as conduct workshops. As per interests the attendees are welcome to take part in different workshops. There are interesting titles lined up such as Welcome Aboard, Going Up the Mast, Race Tactics, DIY Canvas projects, How to Heave a Line, Nighttime Sailing And Navigation, Spinnaker Rigging, Winch Workshop, Offshore Cruising and others. It would definitely be a value adding conference for most.