25 thoughts on “wooden boat building

  1. An uncommon method…stitch & glue, but it looks affordable and does not
    require any special tools or molds. I’m liking it the more I watch it.

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  3. Bought “Guppy” dinghy plans off Sam’s website a week ago, and am super
    excited to get started. I have wanted to build a Devlin boat for quite
    some time now. Thanks for putting this video up for a little help with the

  4. Dropping the plumb bob (at 42:20) to locate the bulkhead assumes that the
    hull on the saw horses has been properly leveled bow to aft. Did I miss
    that step earlier in the video? Why not position the bulkhead relative to
    the gunwale with a carpenter’s square?

  5. FYI …white vinegar takes off the sticky from epoxy resin if you get it on
    your hands. Surprised he didn’t mention that as hand soap is ineffective.

  6. It is the best way to build a light weight boat. Lighter than aluminum and
    very strong. You could build a 24 footer out of half inch plywood. Very
    good way to build and saves time, because if you built it with heavy
    plywood you got to use thousands of screws. 

  7. I just watched your video, did you ever build duck boats & did out door
    life do an article on it back in mid the 80,s I am going to build a new one
    this summer. Thanks

  8. Σας ευχαριστώ, πολύ καλή δουλειά θα το κάνω και εγώ, σας πληροφορώ πώς αν
    δεν υπάρχει σκόνη ξύλου, το αλέυρι ειναι και αυτο καλο υλικο στοκαρισματος.

  9. you can get hold of sams book from the libery i think polliwog plans are in
    that if not its still a great read

  10. That is so awesome! I always thought boats were much more difficult to
    Question: does the Styrofoam you added increase the buoyancy that much?

  11. My questions are; What is the method for joining plywood end to end on
    longer boats? and is there a way to make marine plywood using cabinet
    grade plywood? The freight cost is scary. Great and informative video.
    I’ve caught a passion to try this as if I went prospecting and found a
    large gold nugget. thank you in advance.

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