17 thoughts on “How to use plastic frames for wooden boat building with Louis Sauzedde

  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. It would cost a
    fortune and a great deal of time to learn what you have taught me in a few
    hours. Best wishes. James K.

  2. where does one find such plastic, and what are its mechanical properties!

  3. Wish I saw this video last year? How about planking with the same material?
    Great catch, by the way!

  4. I like this a lot.
    Where do you buy and how much is this plastic material?

    Your so right, screws will not strip, it cant break and it will not rot.
    I have a wood 37 egg harbor I rebuilt and wanted to do this years ago.

  5. Mr. Sauzedde is an incredible craftsman and a great narrator. I look
    forward to each and every video!

  6. Did you do the Sea Tabby (61′ Trumpy) when she was redone some years back?
    I knew the owners and came and checked out the plastic ribs going in. The
    wood purist in me was a bit conflicted but what a slick, permanent

  7. I have some projects that this might help with. What type of plastic is

  8. so they can be stand alone as well as sisters? and you just drive the
    fastener right into them?

  9. I enjoy every tip you have posted. Louis you are a true legend. Cheers keep
    up the good champ

  10. will these plasic frames take nails? or screws to fasten planks?

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