4 thoughts on “Dunhill Royal Yacht review

  1. Thank you for the review Chris. I’ve been on the fence about this one.
    Reckon I’ll have to jump off the fence. Take care brother.–E

  2. One of the better Dunhills in my opinion. You are right about the nicotine,
    but the smoke is worth it. Great Review!

  3. Nice cob, and thank you for the sub, it was number 200.after you I got hit
    with 3 more subs.by the way I did sub you.so I’m glad about that.i always
    like to sub anybody that subs me. Have a good day brother

  4. I was waiting for this review! I have not smoked R Y since the 70’s. So I
    don’t know anything about them ruining it. But I do have a memory of it
    being packing a super nicotine hit. I also remember a sort of subtle
    fruitiness, but not really a casing. I also remember it being reddish
    purplish in color, and a fine shag cut.
    Thanks for your review Chris

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