On Saturday, Coast Guard escorted the crew of the threatened sailing vessel Honey Cutter to Honolulu, ending a 3-day, four-hundred-forty-mile rescue operation involving a Navy aircraft as well as some good Samaritans on 2 other vessels.

The Honey Cutter’s 2-man crew asked for help earlier on Wednesday after thirty-six-foot vessel endured a keel fracture and started taking on water. The Coast Guard watchstanders reached a Navy P-3 Orion people based on Oahu and the crew of the fishing boat Capt. Kenneth that was 80 miles from Honey Cutter.

The Orion crew flew towards the Honey Cutter and stayed on scene until Capt. Kenneth arrived to tow the vessel, making the manouevre look as simple as a Greek Island Bareboat charter.

The Galveston island, another boat, relieved Capt. Kenneth on Thursday. A Coast Guard response vessel escorted Honey Cutter that was able to use their auxiliary power, on the last leg back to Honolulu.

The Coast Guard asked boaters to be all set with several methods of communication, a means to keep the boat afloat, as well as equipment to desolate ship if required while taking long ocean voyages.